Woman claims “with proof” that she was abducted by aliens

A lady from Norfolk, Virginia reported that she was abducted by aliens while inside her own home. What is surprising is the physical evidence that he was left behind, such as heavy things being moved or clocks being stopped.

Mulher denuncia "com provas" ter sido abduzida por alienígenas

The witness, whose name he decided to remain anonymous, was in his room at 1:47 am on March 3, 2016, when he was abducted by aliens.

I remember the exact time because at that moment she told me that I would be able to get up early despite the time I went to sleep. I was sitting on my bed, and the next thing I remember walking from my kitchen to the bathroom. I was wondering what I was doing there, I didn’t have food or anything in my hands.

Mysterious alien abduction
“On my way down the hall to the bathroom, I passed my bedroom door. And as I passed I looked in as I always do when I pass a door, took two more steps and turned to look again.

When he turned to look, he saw a 2 meter tall being standing in front of the courtyard entrance. Before leaving, the alien gave him a stern look. As he entered the room, it occurred to him that it was three in the morning.

He sat up in bed and tried to recall the events of that lost hour, but he couldn’t. Only a bizarre bracelet stood out and was noticed by the victim.

The creature and bracelet that clearly showed he had an active role in the kidnapping were sketched by the woman. Afraid of forgetting, the drawings were completed before he went back to bed.

She told her husband what had happened when she woke up. Then they found they had moved the furniture. Right where she saw the creature, a large wooden jewelry box was pulled from the wall where it had been leaning.

A more common event than you think
The spouse stated that that night he slept more than usual. Although he had several comparable incidents throughout his life, he never spoke in public for fear of ridicule.

According to the OpenMinds website, MUFFON researcher Robin Hills, registration number 75365, is studying the incident.

There are several factors that point to a possible fourth abduction. They draw attention mainly to the loss of time typical of cases of this nature. the beginning and end of the experience are masked by amnesia.

The fact that the sighted creature entered through the door is another factor. It has been claimed that in several abduction cases, the creatures have a “holographic” property that allows them to pass through solid objects such as walls or doors.

Despite substantial physical evidence, this alien abduction case has been under investigation for nearly 7 years. Currently, it simply adds a collection of related cases that seem to have no explanation.

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