NASA Images Capture Unidentified Metallic Object on Mars

One of the pictures the Curiosity Rover came back from Mars clearly depicts a made object with a hole in the middle.

Anyone who is interested in Mars and the secrets it contains may watch these photographs on the official NASA website.

Some online archaeologists assert that this metal fragment is from the Curiosity rover, but how could a machine costing many billions of dollars lose one of its components? However, the absence of any signs of the rover suggests that the metal object is a lost piece of the rover.

Something peculiar is happening on Mars, which is further evidenced by the fact that NASA did not censor this photograph.

Is this scrap of metal a holdover from an earlier Mars mission, or is it something else entirely?

It may be a part of a gadget left behind by a long-gone Martian civilisation, or possibly other aliens have visited Mars.


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