Former USAF Who Worked At Area 51 Testifies To Congress, Says ‘We Are Not Alone,’ James Fox Reveals

There are numerous US insiders hinting that there is a presence of higher intelligence on Earth, and they support the idea of humans not being at the top of the food chain and not being the dominant species on the planet. There is a suggestion that something significant may happen soon, including potential contact or interaction with one or two species out of a larger group. It is implied that the government might be aware of an upcoming event in 2027 and emphasizes the need for preparation.

On Julian Dorey’s podcast, Mr. Fox notes that the passing of recent UAP legislation by Senators Gillibrand and Rubio may provide whistleblowers with the opportunity to bring forward more information on this topic. Fox is hopeful that the increased transparency will force the government’s hand and lead to the release of more information on the phenomenon. Fox met with the insiders who had already testified to the UAP task force and is providing information to the public, even if the government is unwilling to do so. He notes that there is a lot of photographic evidence behind the wall of classified information.

Furthermore, in a podcast with Viva Frei, James Fox, known for “Moment of Contact,” revealed the testimony of a former U.S. Air Force UFO whistleblower with an NDA to the US Congress regarding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). The former USAF personnel, who remains anonymous, was involved in a program related to Area 51 activities for two to three years. During this time, he had access to discussions about extraordinary technologies and materials at various locations.

Mr. Fox reveals that in October 2022, this former USAF personnel was interviewed by the UAP task force to testify before the Senate and the House. His intention was to provide Congress with more clarity on the UAP program, which has been difficult to gain insight into. After his testimony, he was asked to speak to the newly formed All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) earlier this year.

The former USAF acknowledges that certain technologies they discovered will likely remain classified due to national security concerns. However, he believes it is time for the public to know that we are not alone, referring to the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. He expresses his commitment to helping disseminate information while also acknowledging that it may be overwhelming for many people to comprehend.

Mr. Fox attests to the credibility of the former USAF personnel, having been introduced to him by other intelligence personnel and witnessed photographs of him with senators during his testimony. He vouches for the individual’s authenticity and states that the former USAF member also appeared on camera for him.


Below is the statement of former USAF personnel read by Mr. Fox on the podcast with Viva Frei:

Hello, James. Just wanted to give you a quick shot of the involvement I’ve had with UAPs. I was introduced to a program while I was in the Air Force that involved Area 51 activities and did that for two to three years. My job involved going to a lot of different locations and hearing discussions from a lot of people that are working on very extraordinary technologies and materials.

Jumping forward to October of last year, I had already been interviewed by the UAP task force to testify in 2022 with the Senate and the House who were passing the new NDAA legislation at the time. I provided them with the context of my job and what I had experienced in an effort to give Congress more clarity on the program, which has been particularly difficult to get insight into.

After my testimony, I was again asked to speak to the new AARO organization. So earlier this year, I interviewed at the AARO office to help them in their study of UAP. It’s been an extraordinary road for me, to say the least, and I’m doing what I can to help get this out. I will be straightforward that the technologies we have discovered will probably have to stay under classified programs due to national security, but I believe it’s time for us all to know that we’re not alone.

This has been my whole purpose for becoming involved. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and it’s way too much for a lot of folks to take in right now. I’ll do my best to guide any discussions between the powers that are behind all of this, and hopefully, my friends who are still in the program will hear this and consider separating the technologies from the contact. I wish you all well, and I hope I’ll have an opportunity to open up the discussion of what this is all about very soon.

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Are we alone on this Planet? This idea has been widely supported by various US insiders. For example, former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent Luis Elizondo, who explained his reasoning behind claiming that UFO mysteries made him “somber.” His speculative ideas are straight out of middle 20th-century science fiction, particularly the so-called “zoo hypothesis” that appeared in a number of stories at that time, imagining that Earth was essentially a zoo run by space aliens. (Click here to read the full article)

He said: “What if it turns out that there’s another species that is even higher on that ladder than we are? Do we need the social institutions that we have today, do we need government and religious organizations that we have today, if it turns out that there is something else or someone else that is technologically more advanced and, perhaps from an evolutionary perspective, more advanced? Have we been wasting our time all this time? Or are we doing exactly as we are supposed to be doing?

[What] if it turns out that mankind is in fact just another animal in the zoo? If we saw ourselves as the zookeeper before, maybe we’re just another exhibit inside the zoo? What would that mean to us?

So, when I say ‘somber’ or ‘sobering’, I mean there’s going to come a point in this conversation when we’re going to have to do a lot of reconciling with ourselves, whatever that means, from whatever philosophical background you have. This is going to impact every single one of us. And I think that’s important. Do we find ourselves in a situation that history may have to be rewritten? So that’s what I meant.”

Next, we have CIA retired John Ramirez who recently claimed that government is aware of an impending event in 2027 that will reveal something quite significant so people are being prepared. He has been stating that there is a presence on Earth (which he refers demonic), who is just projecting their own belief systems to make us disbelieve in what we believe. Wills asked Ramirez what would happen if there was mass Landing. And whether we would just simply prepare for a conflict or initiate something.

On Podcast UFO with Martin Wills, Ramirez said: “In many ways, I think the word got out within the government that they’re showing up in 2027, and we better be prepared. If not, there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do. So, I think that dialogue has happened within certain areas inside the government, that we need to prepare.

That’s why in 2017, that set a clock of 10 years, and why Lou Elizondo earlier in this year said, ‘Just find a hobby for five years, and it’ll all be out in five years,’ and he said that this year, so that was 2027. I’ve heard 2027 in an official capacity, and I can’t reveal, so I would say that people in the government are aware of something happening, and there’s limited time, a few more years to prepare the people. That’s what’s wrapping up this acceleration from the previous seven decades of not even acknowledging it to now acknowledging it at a faster and faster pace.”

Moreover, another retired CIA officer named Jim Semivan suggests that the truth about UFOs is terrifying & interdimensional beings are within us. According to him, “There is a force out there that can control our environment, that can put thoughts into our heads.” In fact, Mr. Semivan previously stated that UFOs sighted by the Navy are from another world. He made shocking assertions regarding unidentified flying objects in an interview with James Iandoli, saying that the occurrence can be startling, especially to children.

“When we started TTSA, we had discussions about this all the time. Are we sure we want to disclose this information? I mean, you know, are we going to scare eight-year-olds? I had some friends who were like, ‘Oh, my daughter wants to know all about UFOs. Can we talk to you about that?’ And I said no. I’m not going to talk to you about that. What am I going to tell her or him, these 10-, 11-year-olds? Could such a reality kill them psychologically for the rest of their lives?”

“Yes, that there is a force out there that can control our environment and put thoughts into our heads. That they can lie to you, deceive you, and that you are not in control of your life. Tell this to a 12-year-old,” while succinct, Semivan suggests that the “rabbit hole goes much deeper” when it comes to the UFO phenomenon.

Moreover, in his podcast appearance on “Calling All Beings,” he fiercely said that non-human intelligence is living with humans on Earth. “There’s an entity out there! There’s some kind of non-human intelligence that’s living with us on this F**KING planet,” Semivan said.

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