Russian Researcher Claims They Battled The Organism 46B Creature Under Antarctic Ice

There is a hidden continent beneath Antarctica’s ice top. Hundreds of lakes on this continent were discovered using ground-penetrating radar. These lakes are not frozen due to the pressure produced by the ice. They’re liquid and contain freshwater that’s been isolated for at least 15 million years.

The greatest of these is Lake Vostok, which is surrounded by a two-mile-thick glacier. The Russian Vostok Research Station is located on top of the ice. It took the Soviets five years to build a vertical tunnel in the ice through which a customized elevator designed to hold a single man was built.

The elliptical drill bit finally reached the lake’s eastern coast in 2012. One guy at a time, an eight-man team was lowered to the continent’s original surface. Until a Russian scientist defected to the West, what happened next was a closely kept official secret.

Dr. Anton Padalka was a Soviet research team member. He defected after realizing that his country had military intentions for an Antarctica discovery.

Dr. Padalka was granted shelter in Switzerland after revealing the existence of a life form peculiar to Lake Vostok… a bizarre and terrible monster known as Organism 46-B. On the first day of the expedition, the monster was encountered during a scuba dive that required low-temperature wetsuits.

Dr. Padalka saw the thing, which resembled a human diver. They mistook it for a team member swimming tow̳a̳r̳d them. The closest scientist to the beast, a marine biologist, became the second researcher to perish when the organism reformed and ripped him to shreds.

At this time, the expedition chief, A.M. Yelagin, chose to catch the organism in a specimen tank. Dr. Marta Kalashnik, the team’s lone female member, was chosen to entice 46b not because she was attractive, but because as a former professional athlete, she was deemed best prepared to defend herself.

Although the trap worked, one of the sea creature’s limbs threatened her. Kalashnik was compelled to defend herself with her ax.

When the man-eater was brought to the surface, it was immediately confiscated by Soviet security, according to Dr. Padalka. Nothing was discovered, according to the international press. The hole’s entrance was sealed. Russian President Vladimir Putin now aims to weaponize the prehistoric beast’s venom.


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