A Mysterious Sea Creature With Glowing Eyes Is Chasing A Fisherman

Given its large size, it is impossible to know the exact number of species that live in our oceans. Scientists estimate that 91 percent of ocean species have yet to be classified. And that more than 90 percent of our ocean is unexplored. Although these statistics may seem surprising, they have not stopped the global scientific community from trying to accumulate as much knowledge as possible about life in the ocean.

Therefore, we should not be surprised that we sometimes see sea creatures that we cannot identify. This is exactly what happened in Brazil, where a fisherman claims to have been haunted by a mysterious creature.

Mysterious sea creature with glowing eyes
The video shows the terrifying moment of a fisherman being chased by a mysterious sea creature as he desperately tries to escape on his speeding boat. A fisherman, who wished to remain anonymous, recorded the horrific footage as he sped away from the creature off the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state.

After escaping, he decided to post a video on the social network, assuring that the creature wanted to attack him. The footage shows him running away, desperately trying to escape from the unidentified beast. The sea creature appears long and dark with glowing eyes as it pursues it. And how could it be otherwise, Internet users offered their theories to explain the meeting. Some believe that it comes from the depths of the oceans, others believe that it may be extraterrestrial.

However, despite the fact that many people agree that this mysterious creature is possibly from another world. Science popularizer and future biologist/paleontologist Pedro Enrique debunked the myths surrounding this creature. Enrique, who works for the Brazilian government’s National Council for Scientific and Technological Development. Tweeted that it’s probably just a seal or a sea lion.

“Although the scene is terrifying, the man is not in danger,” wrote Enrique on Twitter. “This strange sea creature, terrifying in the dark, is actually a pinniped, seal or sea lion. There are often seven species of these animals in the state, some of which are terrifying in size and appearance. Such as the leopard seal, an animal up to 4 meters long, which may visit the region from time to time. And now, the possible assumption of the organism on the video.

A mysterious sea creature with glowing eyes is chasing a fisherman.

Pinnipeds are mammals with front and rear flippers. In addition to seals and sea lions, this also applies to walruses.
“Curious by nature, pinnipeds often follow ships. Especially at night,” Enrique added. “Their glowing eyes show their ability to see in the dark. Because this glow comes from a structure known as the Tapetum Lucidum. Membrane inside the eye found in nocturnal animals. Which helps to capture more light from the environment. Now that you know who this creature is, the video is even more beautiful, isn’t it?

But not everyone is actually convinced that it is a seal or a sea lion. The fisherman claims that the mysterious creature wanted to attack him, which is unusual for these animals. Although it should also be said that recently there has been an unusual behavior of aquatic species.

The first signs that something strange was happening appeared in July 2020. After the start of the strangest summer any of us can remember. As Europe began to open up again to shipping, there were reports from Gibraltar and apparently from the Spanish Atlantic. Killer whales have been reported attacking yachts.

However, the most worrying fact is that killer whale interactions with ships are becoming not only more frequent, but also more stable. And include an increasing number of ships. However, we have several options: it is a seal or a sea lion attacking a fisherman; creature from the depths of the ocean; or a mysterious sea creature from other worlds or from other realities of existence. Everything is possible. To be honest, I have never seen cats live. But by the distance between the luminous eyes, it seems to me that this “cat” is too large. Or am I wrong?

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