Argentine Goblin: Controversy Does Not Subside

The goblin is a folklore creature that has been around for centuries. There are references to them in fantasy novels, children’s books and even films. Depicting them as grotesque creatures living in dark and gloomy places. However, many people believe in his existence and his supernatural powers. The Argentine goblin was filmed on video in 2014, and the debate about its existence still does not subside.

According to experts on the subject, there are many races of goblins around the world. From Northern Europe to the Mediterranean and even Japan. Supernatural powers can vary from country to country or continent to continent. Unfortunately, over time, a completely distorted version of these creatures has been proposed. But is there evidence for its existence?

Throughout our history, many people have claimed to have encountered these little creatures. They depicted them in paintings or simply passed on their stories. However, in recent years, a large number of videos have appeared on the Internet purporting to show real goblins. In some cases, these are simple jokes or gimmicks, but in others, the imagery confuses even the most skeptical. This is the case with a video posted on YouTube in 2014. In which a mysterious creature is shown running behind the child and disappearing under the chest of drawers. The amazing video went viral with over 12 million views. A video that continues to spark heated debate on the internet.

Argentine Goblin
In the video, you can see a two-year-old boy named Benjamin. Who talks to himself, sitting on the ground and looking at the camera. But moments later, a tiny creature appears behind the boy and runs and disappears under the closet. At this point, the mother screams before the camera sound is suddenly distorted. Benjamin seems to hear and see the goblin and takes the time to look under the chest of drawers to where he disappeared.

Sylvia, Benjamin’s mother, was shocked by the appearance of the goblin and also leans down to see where the goblin has gone. Trying to convince myself it’s not real. According to The Inquisitr News, Sylvia even remained skeptical after the incident. However, the mysterious creature has been “caught” on video at least five times.

And four years later, the boy’s mother continues to claim that the video was not edited by any computer program. And sometimes he even hears only Benjamin speaking. At first, he thought it was childish jokes until he saw the goblin in the video. But the most surprising thing is that Sylvia says that it can be felt when the goblin is present. Because it smells nauseating. She also wanted to make it clear that neither she nor her family were trying to capture or harm the elusive creature. Therefore, she believes that this is a real peace-loving and completely harmless goblin.

Real goblin or montage?
Several years after its publication on YouTube, the video continues to cause controversy on social networks. Skeptics believe that the goblin was digitally inserted into the video. Based on a scale model of a running man or woman. And some YouTube users noted that the movement of the creature was natural and did not have any defects.

However, the most believing in paranormal phenomena claim that this was one of the best evidence of recent times. A video in which a real goblin is clearly visible. As we mentioned earlier, goblins were considered evil creatures. But in fact they are spatial entities. Who are trying to help people. These creatures remain hidden from the human eye so as not to cause any harm. Whether the video is real or fake, it continues to generate controversy on social media.

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