Tḥey Caᶇ’Ϯ Hɪde Tḥɪs Aᶇymoᵳe – AsϮroᶇomers Caᶇ’Ϯ Eхplaɪᶇ WḥaϮ Tḥey Maᶇaged To Record

They Can’t Hide This Anymore – Astronomers Can’t Explain What They Managed To Record

The YouTube channel “thirdphaseofmoon” has posted an interesting video portraying mysterious lunar phenomena, suggesting the idea of a space program on the Moon’s surface.

Amateur astronomers catch multiple UFO sightings on the Moon in the first part of the film, including a UFO launching from the lunar surface and another UFO flying very close to the lunar surface, but the second half of the film is the most exciting. Strange objects have been discovered on the Moon, as shown by NASA images.

As a consequence, photographs from NASA’s Apollo 17 mission to the Moon indicate two things that academics are perplexed about.

Make your own judgment after seeing the film, but don’t forget to leave a comment so we know what you think.


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