UFO Invasion Of The Cities Of Bogota And Medellin, Video!

On the evening of May 6, 2021 over the city of Bogota, Colombia. Dozens of mysterious lights (spheres of light) appear in formation with great extent in the sky. The same UFO invasion has already happened in the city of Medellin. Also in Colombia, on the night of April 24, 2021. When even the lights extended over a mile and a half in the sky at high altitude.

Irresponsibly, without investigation, it was said that it was a kite or balloons with a huge tail of lights. Of course, these claims are ridiculous and have only one purpose: to ridicule the extraterrestrial presence.

Now the same phenomenon has happened again and the entire population of Bogotá, Colombia has seen it. In this case, different images were obtained. On which we observe with great clarity, many mysterious lights. Which were completely static, still in formation, in the sky.

These objects were blue luminous spheres. They flashed, constantly remaining at an altitude of about 2000 meters just below the clouds. Some skeptics have stated with great irony that these are StarLink satellites. But StarLink satellites are satellites that are in low orbit around the Earth. They cannot be under the clouds and are not stationary. StarLink satellites move one after the other in a row. While the lights spotted and filmed in Colombia are all flashing and look a lot like the famous UFO fleets. Filmed in Mexico, USA and other parts of the world. Maybe a UFO invasion of Earth really begins?


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