Strange Beam Ufo In Clackani, Oregon

This strange video appeared on the Internet. Asking a man from Oregon to explain why this strange UFO with a beam appeared out of nowhere near his house.

He saw a UFO with his own eyes, but he couldn’t take a good picture. But to his surprise, the Google Earth app actually caught him on camera that day, and he was able to spot him shortly after taking his shots.

The UFO is clearly disk-shaped and emits two sets of lights. One of these lights is a blue beam that appears to be going straight down.

The beam is very similar to those that usually pull something in or push something out. Therefore, we are definitely inclined to believe that this is happening here as well. The second lights, however, are slightly different, as they appear more yellow or orange. And as far as we can tell, they are actually engine/motor lights. The video shows how this strange UFO appeared out of nowhere, emitting blue and yellow lights over his house.

Blue light seems to be repeated in most UFO encounters around the world. So that might be a good indicator that the video is real.

What do you think though? Do you think the video is real or just an elaborate prank? We have yet to uncover the truth behind this. But until proven otherwise, we cannot but support him.


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