A Strange Creature In Utah, Right Where The Monolith Used To Be

2020 is not only the year of the pandemic, but also the year of the Monolith. The sudden appearances and disappearances of mysterious structures in many parts of the world have been widely covered by the major media. It all started on November 23 when the Utah Department of Public Safety, USA.

He reported that he had found a metal structure almost 4 meters high in the middle of the desert. All sorts of theories quickly arose as to who or what might have placed the monolith there and for what purpose. However, as soon as these questions arose, the object disappeared, which added even more mystery to the find. And now a strange creature in Utah.

With the hype generated around the world, it was to be expected that the find would be discredited or simply “explained”. To appease the masses. And it has been that way ever since it was apparently removed by nature lovers. More specifically, Silvan Christensen and Andy Lewis, who announced that they were responsible for its removal. Explaining why the structure was removed, Christensen explained that the discovery of the location of the strange object caused a crowd of onlookers. Flocking to a place that is not ready to receive a significant number of visitors. Thus, they decided to remove the monolith to avoid degradation of the original natural landscape. Now, this version of events does not explain the strange appearance of monoliths in other parts of the world. Especially the records published on social networks and caused great bewilderment.

Strange Creature in Utah

The situation around the monolith in Utah has become even more mysterious. After a video appeared on social media showing the disturbing creature. TikTok user serg.boy really wanted to see the mysterious monolith in person. But he was disappointed to find that he was no more. Around it, only a few stones and a metal triangle were found. In a video posted online, he says he drove with his friends for more than 15 hours, but the monolith was no longer there


However, while watching the video, users were stunned to see a strange figure behind one of the young girls. As you can see, the creature seems to emerge from a crack in the rocks behind, and even at some point, the outlines of the face are visible. Although the most striking thing is that none of those present suspected his presence.

So users quickly reacted to the appearance of an alarming figure. Among the theories proposed was the theory of a demon, a huge bat, or an extraterrestrial being. There were even those who said it was proof that the stories about Yuta’s demons and monsters were real. In particular, they referred to Skin Walkers. Which in Navajo folklore are mischievous witches who can disguise themselves as animals.

According to legend, in order to become a Skin Walker, one must commit a bad deed, such as killing a close family member. It was then that they literally become people who have gained tremendous supernatural power. Including the ability to turn into animals and other people. But the most skeptical thought it was just a joke, perhaps a man in disguise.

More unanswered questions
The truth is, it could be anything from a giant bat, an alien, or someone in a suit. But what is clear is that this encounter adds even more mystery to the strange appearance of monoliths around the world. In addition to Utah and Romania, another Californian monolith was found. Ronel Volk, a resident of Paso Robles, said that on December 2 she stumbled upon an unusual metal structure on top of Mount Santa Lucia. Located in the US district of San Luis Obispo. According to local authorities, this monolith weighs hundreds of kilograms and is not attached to the ground. Although she admits that she does not know how he got to such a hard-to-reach place.

But make no mistake, this is not a new phenomenon. For about seven years now, on the 1,738-meter-high Grünten mountain southwest of Munich, Germany. Monoliths of various types appear, disappear and reappear. They quickly became a popular local attraction for tourists. No doubt we are facing a phenomenon that has been going on for many years but is now receiving media coverage. One should also expect the appearance of “official explanations” of what happened. Debunking any theories about their extraterrestrial connection and preventing people from drawing their own conclusions.

It is likely that something similar has happened in the past. When the United States Air Force (US Air Force) set up an investigative team called Project Blue Book. For the sole purpose of exposing real UFO sightings. So it shouldn’t surprise us that they now use the same system for mysterious monoliths that have appeared all over the world.

What do you think of the video? Is it a giant bat, an alien, a demon, or someone in disguise?



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