Strange Creature In The Forest Caught On Video

A man records an encounter with a mysterious and terrifying creature in a forest in Poland. All kinds of mythical creatures inhabit Poland, from high mountains through the labyrinths of the streets of Warsaw to the depths of the sea. So if you visit this Eastern European country, you may encounter the famous and dangerous Wawel Dragon, the terrifying Basilisk or the Wloclaw Griffin. However, one of the most popular mythical creatures is the Skarbnik or “Treasurer”. A demon in the form of an old man with a white beard and glowing eyes in the dark. It is said to be found in the coal mines of the Silesian region. But apart from all these mythical creatures, the strange creature in the forest in the video shows that they could be more than just a legend.

According to legends, he is a former miner who really enjoyed working underground. Dying, he asked God to let him stay forever near the coal. His wish came true and now he wanders the coal mines. The famous writer Gustav Morchinek wrote about the Treasurer in an article. Published in 1957 in the popular Polish magazine Ludowa Literature.

Strange creature in the forest

A strange video allegedly filmed in a forest in Poland shows a terrifying encounter between a man and some mysterious creature. According to the only available information, the incident took place on March 11, but the video was uploaded to YouTube on June 14, 2020. As is often the case with such meetings, both the exact location and the identity of the witness are currently unknown.

In the video, disturbing sounds can be heard, apparently emanating from the depths of the forest. When the person recording is heading towards the source. When he finally arrives, he raises his flashlight and illuminates some creature behind the tree. Horrified by what he has witnessed, the man aims his flashlight to get a better view before running away in fear.

When asked by a YouTube user about what he found in the forest. The man replied that these “creatures” were known as trackers. And they claim that they come from caves and mines. The witness went on to explain that they were not supposed to be dangerous, but still advised to stay away from them. Some have mentioned that the creature in the video is very similar to the one that appears in the movie The Descent. Directed in 2006 by Neil Marshall, it is considered one of the best British horror films.

Comparison with other creatures
For those who haven’t seen it, The Descent is a story about six women seeking adventure. Which are part of a completely unexplored cave system. And inside they find the impossible, some creatures that managed to survive over time without being discovered. These are the so-called Pathfinders, monsters that have evolved in the dark. And that no one would want to meet if they existed in real life. Aside from the uncanny resemblance between the creature in the video and in The Descent, others have speculated that it could have been a werewolf. A man with the supernatural ability to transform into any animal he desires.

Perhaps the best documented are the skinwalker beliefs associated with the Navajo. The American Indian Nation believes that “walkers” are capable of stealing a person’s skin or body. Walkers are also said to avoid light and their eyes glow like those of animals when in human form. And when they are in the form of animals, their eyes do not glow like those of animals. Some believe that if someone makes eye contact with a werewolf. His body will freeze in fear and the werewolf will use his power against the man. The walker is usually naked, only covered with animal skin.

Legend has it that werewolves can read people’s minds. They also have the ability to make any human or animal sound they choose. The walker may use the voice of a relative or the cry of an infant to lure the victim. Leaving aside these explanations for the video, the most skeptical users. It is said that the creature may have simply been a prosaic forest dweller. Appearing terrifying in the light of a flashlight. Or, otherwise, it’s all part of a well thought out prank. Because it looks supernaturally like the creature from The Descent, and even a witness mentions the same name and description.

Other similar meetings:

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What do you think of the video? Can a creature be a werewolf or a ranger? Or is this a very well thought out scam?


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