The Mysterious Creature Was Caught On Camera In A Russian Forest

The ancestors of modern Russians were the ancient Slavs, whose beliefs were dedicated to nature and its forces. These beliefs influenced life, prosperity and their well-being in general. Ancient Russians believed that nature and its surroundings are full of supernatural beings. They believed that these creatures would bring them good luck; curse fate; protect their home or help them cope with life’s difficulties.

These beliefs created these folk tales and legends in Russian mythology, i.e. in Russian folklore. There are many Russian creatures and Russian monsters. Which even today are the focus of many Slavic folklorists.

The beliefs of the ancient Russians were built on themes and plots. Dominated in the mythology of the Slavs and in Russian fairy tales. However, they are still present in contemporary culture and religious practices in Russia. But, is the existence of fabulous creatures reflected only in myths? Perhaps sometimes fairy tales come true?

The mysterious creature was filmed in the forest

A strange creature that looks like a gnome was successfully captured on camera in the forest. It was captured on camera in a Russian forest on September 8, 2019.

A strange creature, about forty centimeters tall, was hiding in the roots of a tree. The person who encountered the creature at first thought that some kind of animal was hiding in the roots. But when the “animal” looked out from the side, it became clear that it was not an animal at all! He got scared and ran out of the forest. The creatures had black eyes, white, probably nearby and a strange creature lives. Is it possible that strange, fabulous creatures have begun to appear in the forests of Russia, or are they aliens?


In Russia there are forests that are “little traveled”. Strange creatures can live there: gnomes, yeti, goblins, elves, chupacabra, even aliens. There are also anomalous zones where UFOs sometimes appear. Maybe this is a lagging passenger of the “dish”?

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