Extraterrestrial Obelisk? Mysterious Space Object Crashes In Australia

There are many things we still don’t know about our Universe, and every now and then something happens that surprises experts. This is what happened with the fall of a mysterious space object in the form of an alien obelisk.

On a farm in Australia, a mysterious object has fallen from space. It’s not a meteorite, but something that appears to be an alien obelisk, which has generated hundreds of questions in the community.

«Extraterrestrial Obelisk Fallen from Space»

The Australian Space Agency investigates mysterious objects found in agricultural fields in the Snowy Mountains. This Australian mountain system belongs to the Great Divosra Range.

Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist at the Australian National University, said he gets calls from people who believe they have found space debris. Something that is easily discarded. However, it has a totally different .

A call from Mick Miners and Jock Wallace, 2 farmers from the small town of Dalgety, reported a mysterious charred object. Farmers contacted Tucker through local ABC radio, where he is a regular guest.

After 2 hours of walking, the astrophysicist arrived at the Mineiros farm. His first impression is that it looked like a burnt tree, but when he got closer, he recognized that it looked like an alien obelisk.

In an interview with Australian outlet Stuff, Tucker stated:

“I knew without a doubt that this was a very real incident and a very real piece coming out of the ground.”

The expert recognized that it was real, as it was made of composite materials and designed to resist heat. Including a material similar to carbon fiber.

It also showed clear signs of reentry burning. The professor documented the discovery on YouTube, receiving a slew of views and theories almost immediately.

Obviously, the most common hypothesis among netizens is that they looked like the remains of an alien spaceship. They even added that this is not the only one and that, during the last few weeks, other similar objects in other parts of the planet. Event that space agencies hide.

Remains of SpaceX Dragon?

Whether this is true or not is unknown, but the Australian case was “fixed” with a similar explanation. SpaceX spacecraft that re-entered Earth’s atmosphere at 7 am on July 9. 20 months after its release in November 2020.

The SpaceX Dragon capsule crashed in an area of ​​Australia where farmers found its remains. The alleged re-entry was captured by people from Canberra and Bendigo who shared images on social media.

Additionally, Tucker said that one of the panels in the wreckage appeared to have a number. Something that will help SpaceX confirm that it was part of their spacecraft.

However, Elon Musk has not confirmed anything and remains unanswered to a request from Guardian Australia.

The remains of the possible extraterrestrial obelisk were protected by the Australian Space Agency. An agency spokesperson said technical experts had visited a remote part of the Snowy Mountains area following the discovery of “space debris”.

“The agency is actively working to validate the objects’ formal identification and is collaborating with our colleagues in the US, as well as other parts of the Commonwealth and local authorities, as appropriate.”

Still, Tucker claimed that the mysterious space debris must have fallen into the ocean. So it is an extremely strange fact that it fell, not just on dry land, but in a populated area.

The mysteries surrounding this strange discovery continue, even more so now that the possible extraterrestrial obelisk is in the hands of the Australian Space Agency. Will they hide important information?

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