Canadian Woman Photographed Mysterious Humanoid

A clip recorded in Canada captured the mystery creature which suddenly emerged from woodland close to a moose

A Canadian woman, while driving through a remote mountain road in Quebec, found a moose grazing on the side of the road. The scene was pleasant and lovely. She stopped the car and wanted to take a video of the moose grazing.

Unexpectedly, during the filming process, a white humanoid creature suddenly appeared in the woods, with its hands and feet on the ground, hiding aside, suspected of waiting for an opportunity to prey on moose.

After the film was exposed, many netizens felt shudder, and some even believed that this humanoid creature was simply the real version of “Guru” (the villain of the movie “The Lord of the Rings”).

From the video taken by Audree Frechette, it can be seen that when the moose is grazing, there is a humanoid creature with fair skin, slender limbs and a suspected hairless top on the left side of the picture.

It has been hiding behind the trunk of the tree, its body is slightly forward from time to time, and finally it is lying on the ground, staring at the moose in front of it. Fletcher recalled that during the filming, she had been hiding in the car and was afraid to get out of the car.


After the film was exposed, some netizens believed that the humanoid was a mysterious creature nicknamed “The Rake”. Since 2003, many people claimed to have seen it in the suburbs of the northeastern United States. The common point is that the skin is gray and the body is gray. Bend forward, hairless.


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