Images From NASA Reveal The Discovery Of Medieval Knight Relics On Mars.

As you can see, this most recent photograph of the topography on Mars, which was transmitted back by NASA’s Spirit Rover, generated a lot of discussion online.

Online gurus from all over the world initially attempted to explain it, but, to put it mildly, no one was able to do it completely.

Although everyone could see that it looked humanoid, no one genuinely knew anything further about it.

Enkispeak’s artwork was called upon to save the day, and they more than lived up to their promise. In order to demonstrate their specific line of reasoning and how they arrived at this conclusion, they shared their own representation of this.

According to them, this is but one of many statues on Mars that appear to have human or/and animal traits to them.

This procedure is strikingly similar to what the ancient Egyptians used to identify and mark off kings’ or royalty’s tombs. As a result, it is highly likely that beneath this odd lid we will discover the burial of an ancient Martian Knight or King.

Since we’ve come across hundreds of other similar statues over the years this shouldn’t come off as a surprise, although this is one of the best pictures of one that NASA has ever uploaded so that’s definitely strange, to say the least.

Is NASA simply opposed to these hypotheses for the sake of being opposed, or is there more going on here than meets the eye? Do you believe they are ultimately on our side?


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