World Governments Are Reverse Engineering Alien Technology

World Governments Are Reverse Engineering Alien Technology

Navy “UFO patents” came out with the power to further space travel and provide unlimited energy. But where did this technology come from and is it real? Could it be a cover for reverse-engineered alien technology?

We also wonder if it could be possible that world powers such as Russia or China are already using this technology. And are the Navy UFO patents meant to create some kind of false narrative?

Since the Navy released the video of UAPs and they were confirmed to be authentic, the topic of UFOs has become a lot more mainstream. The questions we just raised above were partly discussed in a Forbes article written by Ariel Cohen, Energy contributor, and that will be our reference today.

What Are the Navy UFO Patents?
If the Navy UFO patents truly do what they described, they have the potential of transforming science and society as we know it.

You can view the Navy UFO patents on Google, and they are very easy to find. They include:

High-frequency gravitational wave generator
Piezoelectricity-induced Room temperature superconductor
Electromagnetic field generator and method to generate an electromagnetic field
Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

Each of the Navy UFO patents comes with diagrams, and the claims they make are truly astonishing.

The Potential Benefits of a Room Temperature Superconductor
The Navy UFO patent for a room temperature superconductor could be beneficial for energy costs because it would lower them tremendously. It is also what scientists and engineers are missing for discovering much more advanced technologies.

Dr. Salvatore Pais is credited with the Navy UFO patents, and in 2019, he noted that the room temperature superconductor is a highly disruptive technology that can cause a total paradigm change in science and technology. It would also have incredible commercial and military value.


For example, if the room temperature superconductor would be combined with the high-frequency gravitational wave generator, it would be possible to build an anti-gravity spacecraft.

Interestingly, the diagrams of this Navy UFO patent have a similar shape to Bob Lazar’s UFO sighting claims from 1989. He claimed that UFOs used “23 gram little triangles” made of Element 115 to create an antigravitational field.

Incredible Accomplishments
Perhaps the most surprising patent is the one for a hybrid aerospace-underwater craft. The Navy applied for this patent back in 2016, and it was approved in 2018 with an expiration date of September 28, 2036.

It’s surprising because, if you keep up with UFO stories and sightings, you are likely aware of the stories that describe UFOs emerging from the water and taking flight at unbelievable speeds.

If you look closely at the patents, they look very similar to what the Navy reported in the Nimitz videos from 2004, which are very well-known by now.

This hybrid aerospace-underwater craft patent claims to provide incredible speed and maneuverability, and it’s able to fly through the air, water, and space without any issue, and it doesn’t leave a heat signature behind it.

The craft also creates a polarized energy vacuum around itself, so any air or water molecules are repelled when they try to interact with the craft.

The shape of the craft itself resembles a cone, but if you stood directly in front or behind it, it would look round, which matches the description of many UFO sightings around the world.

Inside the craft, the passengers are protected by a Faraday cage, which is very similar to Nikola Tesla’s UFO-like design.

According to Dr. Pais, the craft can create the fabric of reality as we know it at a very fundamental level by exploiting the laws of physics. As you can imagine, that’s not an insignificant accomplishment; it’s quite extraordinary.

This kind of aircraft can manipulate quantum field fluctuations to reduce the inertial and gravitational mass of the craft, which is why it can travel at such incredible speeds. For this reason, it can go through the vast distances of space faster than the speed of light.

Such technology can easily affect everything we know, which is why it’s such a game-changer.

We have an entire video about a man who tried to introduce this technology to the public, a man by the name of Viktor Grebennikov.

The Navy Verifies the UFO Patents
In the beginning, the USPTO thought these UFO patents were far-fetched, but the Navy made a case for them, as reported by the War Zone in 2019.

Dr. James Sheehy, who is the Chief Technology Officer of the US Naval Aviation Enterprise, sent a letter to the USPTO where he vouched for the UFO patents, thus verifying them.

Once the USPTO accepted the patents, they were released to the public. It’s important to note that the Navy could have easily kept them classified and hidden from public knowledge.

So, why did they choose to be forthcoming with these patents? Well, there’s a lot of speculation on the matter even to this day.

Officially, they did this to keep up with China, a country that was already making significant investments in aerospace technologies that were very similar to what was reported by Navy pilots in well-known UFO encounters.

This bears the question, are the Navy UFO patents describing aircraft that China is already using?

Technology That Will Exist
If China already has this kind of technology, is the Navy trying to catch up, or do they want world leaders to know that the US also has access to this kind of potential?

The aforementioned letter that Dr. Sheehy addressed to the USPTO suggests that the Navy prefers to hold the patent instead of paying endlessly to use this powerful technology that will exist in reality.

Speculation also points to a false narrative, and the Navy UFO patents are a part of that. It’s possible that making this information public is meant to convince competitors or adversaries that the technology is real or at least make them doubt.

Who Is Dr. Salvatore Pais?
Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais is credited with the Navy UFO patents, but who is he? Well, he is an aerospace engineer who used to work at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Maryland.

His credentials have been verified by Forbes, and he worked at the Pentagon for decades. As you can imagine, his work there is classified.

Like many others who are connected to alleged knowledge on aliens, Dr. Pais has very little presence online, and he’s a very mysterious person.

It’s also important to note that Dr. Pais acknowledged another person in some of the patents, Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, who is the co-founder and Vice President of Science and Technology of To The Stars Academy.

In 2017, the TTSA reported the development of advanced electromagnetic vehicles, and the concept is very similar to the patents of Dr. Pais.

In February 2021, War Zone provided an update on the Navy UFO patents. At first, the Navy supported the patents, but now they seem to discourage the hopes of possible breakthroughs.

There’s confirmation that a three-year $508,000 assessment hasn’t yielded any proof of the Pais Effect. The failed and expensive experiments were put to rest in 2019, and it seems like no further research has been done.

World Governments Are Reverse Engineering Alien Technology

Will Dr. Salvatore Pais Be Eventually Proven Right?
Dr. Pais himself has stated that his work won’t end until the Pais Effect is enabled. He also stated that Subject Matter Experts believe that his work will be proven right one day. This was said in an email to The War Zone in 2019.

Since then, he has transferred two times. As mentioned before, he worked at NAWCAD, and then he moved to the Navy Strategic Systems Programs. After this, it seems like he continued working with the patent for an underwater craft.

Most recently, it was reported that Dr. Pais started working at the Airforce. This means that, by the looks of it, the Navy’s short venture into weird science has come to an end. At least as far as this service is concerned.

Today, no one really knows what could happen next, but there’s hope for big breakthroughs. In the summer, we are expecting an official government report on Advanced Aerial Threats that could provide a ton of exciting and new information.

If you want to keep up and learn everything about the new information that’s coming out, we will keep you posted and boil it down for you so you can stay in the loop.


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