Dragon’s Triangle is a Now-Defunct Underwater Extraterrestrial Base

The story of Bermuda Triangle is a fascinating one. You’ll love the story about the Dragon’s Triangle.

It is located 60 miles south-east of Tokyo. However, you can find it by yourself. We wouldn’t recommend going fishing there as thousands of people have gone missing.

In the 13th century AD, when he attempted to capture the Japan coasts, the Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan suffered an immense loss. He lost more than a thousand ships and 40,000 people to the sea.

Kublai Khan lost his first fleet, and this incident was a significant loss for him.

Numerous accounts of weather fluctuations were also reported here. This led to the Japanese assuming that a Celestial Wind was responsible.

Many believe that this is the site of the Lost City of Atlantis. The curse of this ancient city still exists today and any one who comes within its reach will be drawn to the bottom of this ocean.

Some believe that this area is home to a dragon. This is why it’s called the Dragon’s Triangle. Others believe that there is an extraterrestrial underwater base. What are your thoughts?

Utsuro–Bune is another mythology that supports this hypothesis. Two stories that were quite different from the norm began to circulate around Japan in 1803. Legend has it that Japanese sailors found a floating hollow ship in the Pacific while searching for its owner.

The ship’s windows were rectangular in shape. The men pulled the ship up to shore. They were stunned to see a stunning woman sitting inside, clutching her chest.

The pale, red-haired woman spoke strange languages and wore bizarre clothes. The traveler, who was unable to have meaningful discussions, made a hand motion across the sea. This left the sailors speechless and she returned to her ship.

UtsuroBune, as she was called, would continue to travel throughout Japan’s entire coast over the next year. Nobody knows her name or whereabouts, but there are many theories.

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