Enormous Pyramid Emerged in Bermuda Triangle With Glowing UFO – Exemplification Video

Surprisingly, an enormous pyramid has emerged in the Atlantic Ocean with a glowing UFO over the Great Abaco Island.

A team of American and French scientists, together with other countries, are carrying out an expedition in areas of the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle. They claim to have found a pyramid right at the bottom of the ocean that has never been discovered before.

The structure reaches 985 feet in height and about 300 feet of the distance between the base and the tip of the pyramid.

In terms of scale, this pyramid is clearly bigger than any other Egyptian pyramid. Moreover, on its top, there are two holes in which water flows through them with high speed.

Their recent discovery makes scientists wonder if this may exert some effect on boats and planes passing by it. Maybe this is the cause of the Triangle Bermuda’s enigma.

The below video is an exemplification, it’s a reconstruction of what they saw, so we can understand how exactly looked like. Please share your opinions with us.


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