A strange triangular ship has been seen in the sky over Canada

A couple walking at sunset in Ontario, Canada, saw a strange triangle-shaped object in the sky and recorded it on video.

Conspiracy theorists say it is the legendary TR-3B, a secret plane that has been seen many times but that the US government denies owning.

“It doesn’t look like a plane from here,” the m can be heard saying in the video. It looks like a triangle.” “It’s a triangle with a red light in the middle,” his wife tells him.

In other situations, what is being filmed is very far away or hard to see. In this case, the triangular object and all of its lights—position and anti-collision (blinking red)—can be seen clearly.

This kind of sighting is usually set apart from UFO sightings because they are usually linked to a secret US government plane called TR-3B. This plane does not exist officially, but it does exist.

Ufologists think that this stealth aircraft is the best example of how reverse engineering can be used to improve alien technology.


Military.com says that the triangular plane uses high-pressure mercury sped up by nuclear energy to make a plasma. This plasma creates an antigravity field around the plane.

“Traditional thrusters at the ship’s ends make it possible for it to move quickly and in any direction along all three axes.”

“It’s interesting that the plasma created also makes the radar signature much weaker. So, it will almost be invisible on radar and won’t be found.”

The military site says, “This means that you can go to any country you want without being seen by air traffic control or air defense systems.”

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