Even More Details About the Alien Presence on The Moon

Without a doubt, the Moon Landing from 1969 was by far the most incredible achievement we’ve ever gotten as a species, to say the least. As far as we know, we were the first creatures on our planet that actually stepped foot outside of our own planet.

That is no easy feat and yet although NASA was pumping itself up at the time, declaring how soon after this incredible achievement they were going to establish space bases on the Moon and colonize it all together while also conducting mining operations, it was all canceled soon after for no real reason whatsoever

In the 80s they declared all of their missions to the Moon completely invalid, effectively pulling away all of their stocks from the market and turning a blind eye to the possibilities. Why would they do this after the blazing success that was the Moon Landing?

Experts believe that within the next couple of years they conducted several other missions to the Moon and that after they began mining its surface, they discovered that the Moon was actually a metal base after all.

Inside of its, experts believe that they found actual intelligent alien life forms and that they were forced to leave the Moon alone soon after. As a peace treaty, making sure that these aliens will not attack us for disturbing them, experts have put together that NASA must have promised that nobody will return to the Moon again and that in exchange our protection is guaranteed.


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