Mysterious Alien UFO With Blue Light Beam Was Caught On Tape in Clatskanie, Oregon

After a man from Oregon started asking for explanations as to why the UFO suddenly appeared in his backyard, this bizarre footage was posted on the internet. The UFO was visible to his eyes, but he couldn’t get a good picture of it. It was captured by Google Earth and he was then able to locate it within minutes.

It is clearly a disk-shaped UFO that emits two sets of lights. One of the lights emits a blue beam that appears to travel straight down. The beam appears very similar to other ones that pull or push any object in or out. We are confident that this is also true here. The second set of lights is slightly different. They look yellowish or orange-ish and, from what we can tell, are the propulsion/engine light.

This video shows how a strange UFO appeared out of nowhere and spewed blue and yellow light over his home.

The blue light that appears in almost all UFO sightings across the globe seems to repeat itself, which could indicate that the video is real. However, your opinions are welcome. Are you sure the video is real? Or is it a clever trick? Although we have not yet discovered the truth, we cannot help but to support it until we do.


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