Footage Of Alien Walking Inside UFO (Video)

Man Recorded a Grey Alien Walking Inside UFO. As you can tell from the title, an amateur recently managed to capture footage of what appears to be a Grey alien walking inside of its spacecraft.

This alien looked exactly like the one from the movie “Close Encounters” and was spotted very close to the set of the movie. Which led people to believe that the aliens from that movie were never CGI, to begin with.

If that were the case then they could have actually snuck real aliens into our media for the longest of times now.

Brett claimed that this picture was unedited and a hundred percent real. He also stated that there is no proof of CGI being used in the movie. So it definitely could have been a result of a clever ploy by the aliens all along.

If they make us gradually accept their strange look. Then we’d be a lot less scared of them when we do encounter them, or so the theory states.

Many believe that these aliens were the famous Grey Aliens all along. Since the creatures from the movie seem to resemble humans quite a lot in behavior and movement. Which has also been observed with Grey aliens too.

A picture onset was also taken of what appears to be alien wearing trousers. Which shows us the fact that it wasn’t CGI after all.

There are plenty of other theories around. But from what we can tell this is definitely one of the most likely ones, to say the least as it is actually proven unlike most other theories out there.

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