Huge UFO Sighting In Australia (video)

A huge UFO has been sighted over the Lake Tinaroo in Australia last April 25. According to testimonies, it was like a big slice drawn in the sky, a curved-like object that seemed to land somewhere on the northern part of Queensland. Locals who witnessed this event couldn’t believe what they saw.

The object seemed to remain in a static position over the smoke of a small fire and was filmed.

The video you are about to see was taken with a smartphone by one of the witnesses.

One the most well-known ufologists, Pedro Ramirez who posted the video on his YouTube channel said that for centuries cultures have talked about celestial entities descending from the sky, but now, in the twenty-first century, our culture is still unable to understand the magnitude and the importance of these events, of meeting with other cultures and civilization of the cosmos.

It is time for us to break free of the constrains and manipulations that the governments and world’s elite have imposed on us.

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