Hybrid Humanoid Spotted by Mars Rover Spirit Proves that NASA Manipulates Images (videos)

The new hybrid hominoid that was just recorded on tape by the Mars Spirit rover has reinforced NASA’s fears that they’ve been withholding vital details from the public all along. In the video below, you can see the odd alien walk around while avoiding the rover’s presence entirely.


Many scientists suggest that this may be an indication that these beings really have little respect for the rovers and NASA is concealing their presence in order to prevent disturbing them.

Before the film, Paranormal Crucible, spoke about it, the illustration was disregarded as a hoax. Any internet analysts have gone so far as to suggest that they have found proof that NASA has altered it in the past.


If this turned out to be real, NASA would be totally revealed for exploiting their photos. People who work for NASA will be pressured to leave their jobs. That’s not something that she said in 2013 when she appeared to have been given a UFO image in the past and was challenged to find it. It turned out that the guy who sent her the image was the one who was removing the UFO photographs, and that it was just a test to begin with.

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