Ex-NASA Specialist Claimed US Govt. Possesses Several Operational Alien Spacecraft

NASA whistleblower Bob Oechsler claimed that the US government is in possession of operational alien spacecraft. He was a mission specialist for NASA in the 1970s and used his knowledge of robotics to research UFOs. In addition to several other deep space projects, Oechsler worked on the docking collar for the Apollo-Soyuz project, the first international space mission between the US and Russia. He passed away on June 6, 2020, after battling lung cancer.

Oechsler asserted that he had received an invitation to serve as a consultant for NASA’s “Cosmic Journey Project,” intended to be a traveling exhibition featuring a full-scale mock-up of a space shuttle. An exhibit about UFOs and extraterrestrials was planned for the event. He said he had discussions regarding the exhibit with the senior Pentagon officials. One enthusiastic general suggested “showing an alien/ET corpse in a cryogenic tank.”

According to Oechsler, “The general described the tank as a space-age looking coffin with blue tube lighting inside the clear lexan cover, propped up at an angle so it wouldn’t look so much like a casket.” “It seems (the general) was concerned about using the real thing versus a mock-up…” The general enquired as to how Oechsler might present it to convince the public that it was a genuine ET corpse. To improve the legitimacy, Oechsler recommended that “it could be authenticated with official plaques of some sort… a companion autopsy report with color photographs” to help the credibility aspect. “As a matter of fact,” said Oechsler, “I got the impression they had a lot of (alien) bodies to choose from.” The project was shelved in the early 1990s for budget reasons.

Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, a former director of naval intelligence and deputy director of the CIA, told Oechsler in 1989 that the US Government was in possession of technology that was not of human origin. Oechsler asked the Admiral over the phone in a taped conversation: “Do you anticipate that any of the recovered (UFO) vehicles would ever become available for technological research? Outside of the military circles?” Admiral Inman replied, “I honestly don’t know. Ten years ago the answer would have been no. Whether as time has evolved they are beginning to become more open about it, there’s a possibility.”

NASA ufo whistleblower Bob Oechsler
NASA whistleblower Bob Oechsler

Oechsler also looked closely at the Chinese lantern-shaped objects captured by Ed Walters on camera while building his home. Using the operational resources at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, he spent five months analyzing the video and came to the conclusion that the UFO was not a radio-controlled model. He also looked into the infamous Guardian tape, which showed a Canadian family witnessing a UFO land in their field.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 in 2007, he described a UFO he had been shown as “…about a 30-foot diameter disk-shaped craft. It had a small dome around the center portion. There were protruding flanges equidistant around the outer edge.” Directors of the shelved NASA project later denied that Oechsler ever worked for the project, and that the proposed exhibition was always planned to feature only mock-ups of aliens and flying saucers. In fact, NASA denied almost everything about Oechsler.

Oechsler’s work in the field of UFOlogy in the 1980s and 1990s shot him to worldwide fame as he investigated a series of high-profile cases. British crop circle investigator Colin Andrews told The Sun, “I presented with him on several occasions in a number of countries. Bob’s research was greatly respected.”

The Outpost Forum interviewed Oechsler where he talked about his involvement with the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) and MUFON, his extensive investigation into the Gulf Breeze sightings, his interactions with Admiral Inman, and unusual happenings in and around the Chesapeake bay. He also explained the sociological implications of extraterrestrial interaction, his pioneering work exposing a covert program of social indoctrination, and much more.

It is worth pointing out that Admiral Inman later claimed he was unaware that the topic of conversation involved UFOs and denied any knowledge of the subject matter. For reference purposes, the complete transcript of Bob Oechsler’s conversation with Admiral Inman can be found here.

Bob Oechsler
Bob’s ID pass for the space flight center where he worked as a contractor in the 1980sCredit: Triangle News via The Sun

On September 28, 1993, Oechsler said in an interview: “I had contacted Admiral Bobby Ray Inman who was the head of the National Security Agency in the United States, Deputy director at CIA, Director of Naval intelligence and a variety of intelligence posts. He was clearly someone who if this was really accurate that there really were UFOs and non-human intelligence around, this is a man who had to know.”

“So, I was able to contact him… he alarmingly not only indicated that these issues were covered under National secrecy laws but the United States government did in fact have possession of the hardware associated with this[UFOs]. In other words, this was an actual physical phenomenon craft… a spaceship several of them. They were in operational condition which I assume suggested that they had been in contact. They had been given these craft for some reason or another because they certainly weren’t crashed vehicles.”

“I have in fact seen with my own eyes on quite a number of occasions well over 20 at very close range a number of these vehicles. It’s quite extraordinary technology…Well, Admiral Inman convinced me that these vehicles were not manufactured by human technology so that’s pretty conclusive for me.”

“I’m quite certain there are different species of alien life forms. In fact, President Reagan on several occasions alerted concern about the potential hostilities from outer space. And why it would be important for us to work together on this planet with superpowers and so on uniting clearly the problem that we’re confronted with here. Although technologically these beings may be more intelligent than us we appear to be more advanced in areas of civility, we have emotions and things like that we have concern for our fellow man whereas that doesn’t seem to be the case necessarily in some of these other cultures.”

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