Stanford Top Scientist Had Three Alien-UFO Encounters, Said He Saw Grey E.T.s

Stanford Professor Dr. Gary Nolan has recently been interviewed by The Debrief, hosted by Chrissy Newton where he talked about various topics: from his field of work to UAPs. He has been one of the faces of  after his research on the brains of contactees. However, there is more hidden information Dr. Nolan has shared in his recent interviews that provides a new perspective in looking at the UFO reality, which is more than just flying alien crafts.

Dr. Nolan, an immunologist at Stanford, is the author of more than 300 research articles and the holder of 40 patents in the United States. In addition to this, he has been recognized by Stanford University as one of the top 25 inventors in the institution’s history. Therefore, his participation in UFOlogy would bring some factual things to the field of study.

During his 90-minute interview (check the video below) with Chrissy Newton, he discussed his thoughts on the UAP topic going political along with his work on finding physical evidence of an area in the brain where an individual’s intuitive capabilities could potentially be located. Interestingly, Dr. Nolan began by sharing his personal alien-UFO encounter at an early age. He recalled interacting with phenomena three times in his life.

[His first interaction] “Well, it was at a house that my parents had first bought when after we moved here to the States. It was basically little guys in the bedroom and I remember calling out to my brother. I didn’t understand how it could be like two or three of him and then faces in the window and things like that. I mean other than just memories of them being in the room and being a little scared… it wasn’t until actually almost 30 years later that I found out from my brother that he had also seen things.”

[His second interaction] “At our second house, I was a paper boy and going between one house and another. Early in the morning, I saw something over my head. I mean it was not just like Far Over My Head it was like 30-40 feet just at the top of the trees. I can’t say that it was exactly saucer-shaped because all I saw really were the lights and kind of a vague outline against the sky. Because the lights were so bright um and but it was I didn’t know what it was I mean I saw it go over um it was silent. I mean at best it could have been a balloon but I don’t know any balloons that are traveling at tree height.”

[His third interaction] “I was a graduate student here at Stanford. I was in a used bookstore and buying science fiction books. I came across two books one was by John Mack and the other was by Whitley Strieber. I remember just seeing the cover and realizing that was a face that I had seen when I was a kid looking through the window or in the bedroom. The thing about the window, it was like six or seven feet off the ground. There was something very tall hovering. I remember just all the hair on my body stood on end when I saw it and I dropped the book because it was like how does this guy know what I saw. I knew nothing about the whole UFO Arena. I mean I read science fiction but I’d never read about alien abductions or any of that kind of stuff.”

Next, Newton discusses the work he has done researching the basal ganglia and caudate putamen regions of the brain, and he eventually gets into the conversation on the highly functioning breeding group of humans [based on objective evidence of highly dense neural connections within those particular regions]. Those areas of the brain are involved in motor control, planning, intuition, anticipation, and downstream executive function.

This is the “brain within the brain” responsible for higher-order processing. Humans with enhanced connections in these regions have highly advanced forms of intuition and can prepare the body for events before it happens. The work he has done involves case studies on military personnel (and others), who have encountered UAPs, and collecting raw data using physical brain scans of those individuals.

The density of the above-mentioned regions in those individuals (savants, highly trained, CEOs of companies, etc) was overdeveloped compared to normal. The feature is present in 1/100 or 1/200 individuals. He stated the chances are astronomically small that two people with these enhanced features randomly come together, and in these cases, they have formed breeding pairs of individuals with these enhanced brain features. He states that over time (within 100,000 years), this would develop into a different race of humans.

Later on in the conversation, he makes a reference to the CIA’s remote viewing program, which was headed up by Dr. Hal Puthoff, and explains that the goal of the study was for individuals to concentrate on the “remote view” signal rather than the overlay that their brains put onto the signal. The results of his MRIs show that he has these areas of his brain that are elevated. A highly-skilled meditator may be able to tune out all of the background “noise” in order to concentrate solely on the “signal.”

The studies done 60 years later have confirmed the findings of an individual who “intuited” the true function of the caudate putamen. Dr. Nolan says that everyone within the relevant government knows “something” (ET/Interdimensional etc.) is here. The beings here are placeholders/interaction icons, basically biological androids (he said this in a prior interview as well), designed to interact with humans and shape humanity by another external intelligence.

The problem is that the phenomenon seems to be many distinct things rather than just extraterrestrial beings, as opposed to being more complicated than just that. He gives the illustration that there could be eight distinct groups that do not necessarily agree with one another, with some of these groups considering humans to be a resource while others consider us to be something that needs to be protected. Someone at a high level in the military is either using the UAP technology and attempting to comprehend it, or they are scared that if the rest of the world has it, it would diminish their own authority.

Dr. Nolan stated in another interview with Event Horizon that Life may have started elsewhere and came here according to some models. He gives examples of atoms of elements present here that actually originated from explosions of other stars/meteorites etc. He states that life in the universe may be based on DNA if the theory of panspermia is correct.

[Interestingly, he is stating this because the verified CIA individual John Ramirez claimed several months ago in an interview that we are related to the ETs and are a result of a genetic manipulation. Luis Elizondo (the official CIA head of the UAP program, currently the contractor for the actual US Space Force) has indicated this thought in his interviews as well, and this ties into his comment that from their understanding, we are part of “mankinds” in plural, multiple forms of humanity present either here, extratemporally (time travelers), or in the cosmos].

On August 21, 2022, Dr. Nolan had an interview with Ross Coulthart on the Australian channel 7News, where he discussed his role in working with the government on analyzing and studying individuals that encountered UFOs. According to Nolan, there is a group of people that were involved in recovering UFO debris for secret government programs, and these individuals will soon be coming forward to reveal what they know.

Nobel Prize nominee Professor Garry Nolan stated he “knows” there has been an “active cover-up” by authorities. He said: “I’ve spoken to the people who are about to come out and whistle-blow on it.” Coulthart noted that the Department of Defense (DoD) has recently announced the creation of a new office dedicated to studying Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) or UFOs, and that an analysis will be conducted starting from 1947 onwards – the date of Roswell.

“When you say that the government has been involved in a coverup, do you think they’ve been hiding it all this time?” Coulthart asked. “Oh yes. I know it’s a fact because I’ve spoken to important people who are about to come out and whistleblow on it,” Nolan replied. “And there has been an active coverup. Just look at what the Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced. They announced an office to study the phenomenon. Putting money aside, they say they will start the study from 1947.”

“Which is incredible. That’s the date of Roswell,” Coulthart said. “Yes, 1947. And we want a list of every operation they did to misinform and misinform the public,” Nolan added. He stated that there are individuals who were involved in the retrieval of UFO debris, and subsequent secret government programs would soon come forward to reveal what they know, putting an end to one of the biggest cover-ups in modern history.

In addition to this, a former CIA officer, made a surprising comment in which he said, “there’s a whole other reality that surrounds us that we just simply don’t have the ability to observe or connect with.” He fiercely said that non-human intelligence is living with humans on Earth. “There’s an entity out there! There’s some kind of non-human intelligence that’s living with us on this F**KING planet,” Semivan said.

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