Huge Cities Were Discovered At The Bottom Of The Ocean

One of the most famous and well-known lost cities in history is the ancient Abandoned City of Atlantis. Although experts are yet to confirm that the city actually existed, there are hundreds of other undiscovered cities waiting to be discovered.

While there are many underwater ancient settlements, some are dismissed as random, unconnected constructions. However, several of these sites are worth a second look, because they have very interesting clues that they were created by technologically advanced societies.

Many of them, while not being fragments of Atlantis’ Lost City of Atlantis are said to have been constructed by the same people who created Atlantis

Plato said that the Atlanteans are the most intelligent humans on the planet. Who else could have created them, he added

It could be connected to the Ancient Colonists concept, which asserts that an ancient species alien descended into space to share their technology with humans in return for continued slavery.

They effectively made us slaves, and also allowed us to reach greater heights through exchanging what they had with us. This is how you can understand hundreds of items that would be too difficult for an ancient society to comprehend.

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