Strange “Alien Creature” Filmed By NASA’s Curiosity Rover On Mars

As you can tell from the title, a very strange new creature was discovered by NASA’s Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet. This creature seems to eerily resemble a crab of some sort, and it can be spotted in the distance sitting on the side of a rock formation.

Most believed that the conditions on Mars are too harsh for any being to live there, but this could possibly prove otherwise as the creature does look sturdy enough to survive the intense environment.

It looks a lot like a crab, as mentioned previously, and as you can tell yourself it differs from one in the sense that some claim that tentacles come out of its sides while others believe it is lines of some sort.

There is an underlying theory out there that has also been brought up a lot which claims that the creature is a guardian of some kind, protecting the entrance for the secret lair of the aliens.

Others however believe that this is all just a decoy by a bigger creature, one that is posing as the rock formation itself. If that were the case then if the Curiosity Rover would approach it would most likely get attacked. That’s definitely something that NASA needs to watch out for as we cannot just send another in the case of it being damaged.

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