Strange Four-Legged Humanoid Spotted On CCTV Crossing a Highway In UK

According to CCTV footage, a strange humanoid-like beast was spotted darting across a four-lane road in the United Kingdom. When seen at full speed, the video seems to show an animal crossing the highway at a fast rate, however still frames from the film call that identification into doubt. A strange monster sprints on all fours with what seems to be a human head, torso, and legs in still frames.

The video was not a fabrication, according to paranormal experts.

“We double-checked with local authorities in charge of the security cameras in this area, and this is not a scam,” said the spokesperson. It’s thought to be genuine footage. In the United Kingdom, this creature was seen on video crossing a motorway.”

Theories included deer, squirrel, fox, cat, dog, wolf, and kangaroo when the video first went viral (deer was ruled out pretty quickly because they do not have forward-pointing knees). The creature has not yet been identified.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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