A Giant Was Recorded On The Top Of A Hill In Aguascalientes

The video of a supposed giant walking on top of a hill in Aguascalientes went viral on TikTok, from where it has generated great commotion among Internet users.

The scene was recorded by a trucker identified as Luis FR, who was traveling on a section of the highway between the capital and Lagos de Moreno, before arriving at the booth called “La Chona”, according to the information that has been released. broadcast on networks, as well as the text visible in the clip.

The video — divided into two parts: 1 and 2 — generated a lot of controversies, from those who were surprised and considered the possibility that it was a real giant caught in action, to those who were somewhat more skeptical and commented that it was just something armed to gain views on the social network. Explanations ranged from a perspective game—the mountain is just a small hill—to a large inflatable doll placed there.

Others compared it to a story that spread mainly last year, when the tiktoker Andrew Dawson, during a trip he made to Canada, would have experienced a similar situation on the mountain of Whistler’s Peak, located in the state of Alberta. This last case also sparked several conspiracy theories when it was learned that Dawson had died mysteriously sometime later while trying to find more evidence about what he caught on camera.

The resemblance between the “giant” of Aguascalientes and that of Alberta, in a situation that almost seems copied, has also led to questioning the veracity of what was recently published on TikTok.


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