O mito e a verdade sobre o satélite alienígena de 13.000 anos

The story begins in 1954, three years before humanity launched its first artificial satellite, the Soviet Sputnik 1.

On May 14, 1954, several newspapers ran articles centered on a statement belonging to retired Major DE Keyhoe. At the time, Keyhoe believed that the Earth was surrounded by one – if not two artificial satellites.

Scientists at the famous White Sands, New Mexico government facility were actively researching this possibility and trying to determine the purpose and origin of these objects.

Later that summer, Aviation Week magazine tried to explain the mystery by saying that the orbits of the two satellites were mapped at an altitude of 400, respectively 600 miles above the Earth.

“The Pentagon’s fear over the observation of two previously unobserved satellites orbiting the Earth dissipated with the identification of the objects as natural, not artificial, satellites. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, an expert on extraterrestrial bodies at the University of New Mexico, led the identification project.

“One satellite is orbiting about 400 miles away, while the other is 600 miles from Earth. The Pentagon momentarily thought that the Russians had beaten the US in space exploration.”

Bear in mind that all of this was happening during the space race, when tempers were high and tensions were highest. Competition between the United States and the Soviet Union fueled paranoia as each nation raced towards the sky.

Many astronomers suspected that a large satellite was indeed orbiting Earth, and in 1960 even the US Department of Defense acknowledged this alien presence.

“WASHINGTON, February 10 – An unidentified, silent satellite has been discovered circling Earth in a near-polar orbit by US tracking stations, the Department of Defense said today. The identity of the mystery satellite – which has been dubbed “the dark satellite” is not known, despite nearly two weeks of tracking.”

It didn’t take long for people to make the connection between the unknown object and Nikola Tesla. In 1899, he detected a repeating radio signal and believed it to originate in outer space. The enigma surrounding the black satellite was deepened by its strange behavior.

Practically all artificial satellites were launched in orbits from west to east (following the natural rotation of our planet), while this one orbited the Earth in polar orbit, from north to south. Interestingly, polar orbits are employed by modern observational satellites that perform mapping missions. So was the Black Knight Satellite an observational unit? If so, who put it there?

NASA photo from 1998 of a mysterious object believed by some conspiracy theorists to be an extraterrestrial satellite, the “Black Knight”.
Some astronomers who claimed to have observed it said the object would disappear, only to reappear in a different place, traveling along a different orbit. They also reported that it was moving twice as fast as any other known satellite.

The Black Knight is often mentioned in conjunction with astronaut Gordon Cooper’s historic flight. In 1963, on the last of his 22 days in orbit, Cooper radioed the Muchea Tracking Station in Australia, telling them that he could see a bright green object rapidly approaching his capsule.

Although his sighting received live coverage from the National Broadcasting Company, reporters were prohibited from questioning him upon his return to Earth. Although Major Cooper was a firm believer in aliens and their presence here on Earth, there is no link between his sightings and the Black Knight.

An interesting but unverified aspect is the alleged decoding of the radio message that the satellite supposedly transmits. According to the story, the radio amateurs who captured the alien transmission managed to interpret it as a star map that pointed to Epsilon Boötis, a star in the constellation of Boötes, located at a distance of 52 light years from Earth. Interestingly, in Babylonian mythology, the constellation Boötes was depicted as the god Enlil, the main deity among the Anunnaki on Earth.

Almost every article about the Black Knight Satellite mentions its age of 13,000 years without reference to the origin of this claim. In 1973, Scottish astronomer and science fiction writer Duncan Lunan claimed to have managed to decode the message picked up by two Norwegian physicists in the 1920s.

The message was said to come from a probe orbiting the Earth at the same Lagrangian point as the Moon and this probe had been sent a long time ago by the inhabitants of a planet orbiting Epsilon Boötis. The message said:

“It starts here. Our home is Epsilon Boötes , which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has a moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets have one. Our probe is at the position of Arcturus known from our maps.

The star Arcturus was depicted on the deciphered star map in the position it occupied 13,000 years ago, hence the supposed age of the Black Knight.

Lunan’s theory was publicized by Time magazine and included in several documentaries. However, in 1976 he acknowledged that it was flawed and withdrew it, only to revise and reinterpret part of it in 1998.

There are a number of famous photos that supposedly show the alien satellite. The official explanations for the object they show is that it is nothing more than a thermal blanket that came off one of the many satellites that we put up there. While that may be the case, this only explains the photos and not the Black Knight himself, as the unknown object had been reported prior to these photos.

Another aspect is that these famous photos show an object much smaller than indicated in previous reports, which were said to be the size of a city block. On the other hand, the vimanas depicted in ancient Hindu texts were similar in size. Perhaps there is a connection between the two.

And since no one can deny the size and scope of the UFO phenomenon, it stands to reason that among all the reports of flying saucers in our skies and oceans we can fit in one more: a huge alien satellite orbiting above our planet.

As with most things related to the unexplained, there is an aura of misinformation surrounding Black Knight Satellite. Keep in mind this is the internet, the place where things get blown out of proportion.

One last thing, before I go. In medieval times, a black knight was one who either lacked loyalty or chose to hide it by covering his colors and emblems, effectively stating that he served no lord. Quite an appropriate name for an enigmatic alien observer, isn’t it?


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