Forgotten Paper Reveals NASA Intention To Reverse Engineer UFO Technology

Once former NATO official Robert Dean said the NASA acronym should be “Never A Straight Answer.” He was not very pleased with the NASA clarification on the UAP phenomenon. His frustration with the agency could be veracious as there are a few moments when the world’s greatest space agency has been caught lying blatantly.

Beginning with their interest in UFOs (which was zero), they believed such things do not exist until 2022, when they officially joined hands with the government to study the phenomena. An old paper from the NASA archives suggests that they expected to benefit from a private UFO research into the development of spacecraft.

This scientific paper entitled “Field Resonance PropySsion Concept” dated August 1979 implies that NASA would be looking for new information from the independent UFO research regarding the development of a new generation of spacecraft. Alan C. Holt, an author of the paper has worked at Johnston Space Center Mission Control Center. He has co-authored research papers with Dr. Eric Davis and American parapsychologist and engineer Hal Putoff. Additionally, he was an active member of MUFON during his time at NASA.

Some online sources suggest that Mr. Holt recently retired from NASA after over 50 years of service, which included supporting the Apollo lunar missions, Skylab, Space Shuttle, Spacelab, and the International Space Station. Mr. Holt has been actively involved in the research related to encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena and in metaphysical studies for the past 49 years. (Source 1, Source 2)

The paper is based on the speculative “propulsion” concept that was presented at a special session of the 15th Joint AIAA/SAE/ASME Propulsion Conference “Propulsion Concepts for Galactic Spacecraft” on June 18-20, 1979. Scientists are still working hard to develop a spacecraft on this concept. However, there might be a possibility that they received some valuable information from others’ UFO research.


Mr. Holt wrote: “UFO studies indicate that the unexplained (residual) UFO phenomena may be due to extraterrestrial visitors, parapsychological experiences, or a combination of the two. If some UFO phenomena are caused by extraterrestrial visitors in very advanced spacecraft, then the frequency of visits and the large number of different types of visitors (many different humanoids have been described) imply an ability to cross large stretches of galactic and inter-galactic space in relatively short time frames.

If the speed of light is a true limit of velocity in space-time, then the potential extraterrestrial visitors must utilize a form of transportation which transcends space and time to keep the trip times short. UFOs are often observed to disappear instantaneously. In a subset of these cases,the UFO later reappears at a nearby location implying a disappearance from and a reappearance into space-time.

The high speed, right angle turns, abrupt stops or accelerations of UFOs, and the absence of sonic booms despite calculated speeds of 22,000 mph or more suggest that UFOs may generate an artificial gravitational field or otherwise use properties of space-time which we are not familiar with, UFO propulsion systems appear to involve electromagnetic or hydromagnetic processes as evidenced by radiative effects on the environment such as burns, dehydration, stopping of automobile engines, TV and radio disruption, melting or alteration of ground and road surfaces, power disruptions, and static electricity effects. This data suggests that the unknown relationship between electromagnetic and gravitational fields may be used in UFO propulsion systems.”

Furthermore, Mr. Holt implied that the concept of transcending space-time for interstellar and intergalactic travel was felt to be a viable possibility based solely on theoretical studies in physics, astrophysics and UFO studies.

He later suggested gathering more data and extensive measurements on the radiation emitted by UFOs to learn the physics and technology that they represent. This data could be photographic spectra, magnetic measurements, recording of radio and sound frequencies, and the use of Geiger counters to detect high-energy particles.

NASA UFO study
Alan C. Holt. Image via Linkedin

Additionally, the repercussions of UFO radiation on minerals, plants, animals, and humans would also be studied. Moreover, the effects on humans such as burns, symptoms of radiation sickness, and other body changes should be thoroughly investigated by physicians. Regressive hypnosis should be used extensively to obtain technologically valuable information from UFO close encounter participants. Three-dimensional models of the exterior and interior of UFOs should be made for cases that are significant from a technological point of view.

Interestingly, Standford professor Gary Nolan has done research on the brain of the “in-contact” people and the results were astonishing. (Click here to learn about Nolan’s study).

It is foolish to say that NASA never cared about the phenomena, such materials are examples that they were into UFOs for the betterment of the space program. The lawsuit concerning the Kecksburg, PA UFO case of 1965 filed by investigative journalist Leslie Kean against NASA shows that they were hiding something from the public.

Although no smoking gun documents were released, but many provocative questions and unresolved contradictions were raised by Kean regarding what was received, as well as by the fact that many files were missing or destroyed.

One open-ended aspect of Kean’s reportage is the role of “Project Moondust” — a U.S. government-run activity involved in examining non-U.S. space objects, or objects of unknown origin. Indeed, various State Department documents show that NASA played a role in the recovery and examination of space object debris.

Some scientists like Dr. Eric Davis said that “There are scientists who are aware of evidence and observational data that is not refutable. But they won’t come out and publicize that because they fear it. Not the subject — they fear the backlash from their professional colleagues. The impact on their career might be.”

So, could this be the reason for the agency hiding and destroying the load of evidence of the UAP phenomena? If yes, then why now have they accepted UFOs are something to be cared about? It could be because people have become more aware of this topic nowadays.

recent YouGov poll has revealed that skepticism regarding the existence of aliens has declined since the 1990s, when — according to a 1996 poll by Newsweek — only 20% of Americans believed that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were more likely to be proof of alien life than to have a natural scientific explanation (32%). Today, 34% of Americans believe UFOs are likely alien ships or life forms, while only 32% say they are likely to have a scientific explanation.

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