NASA Released Photos Of Strange Alien Towers Discovered On Mars, But They Were Quickly Censored.

Extraterrestrial towers have been discovered on the surface of Mars, according to a series of images taken there. The issue is that NASA is still aware of their presence, which might indicate that they are attempting to hide their presence for whatever reason.

Each pillar is at least 3500-5000 feet tall, according to Jose Luis Camacho, who discovered them in 1999.

If you haven’t guessed, this means that these Martian Towers will be double the size of the largest human-built skyscrapers.

This might be because Mars gravity has changed, causing colonists to build taller structures to provide more stability.

These towers were discovered in the Terra Meridiani area, which was originally intended to be the rover’s new home.

If this hasn’t been updated and is actual extraterrestrial evidence, it will allow for the discovery of covincing proof of alien life on Mars, as well as NASA’s concealment of the truth.

NASA, as previously stated, destroyed these images as soon as they were found, ostensibly to hide the truth. This, on the other hand, is further data that backs up the idea that there is life on Mars.


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