Uri Geller predicts an Alien Invasion after a major discovery

Prominent British-Israeli psychic Uri Geller believes UFO sightings of UFO nuclear facilities on Earth are aliens testing the technology on Earth then starting an invasion. Geller has investigated sightings and alleged contact with extraterrestrial life and is now convinced that the interference with the Internet and other mysterious events are due to non-terrestrial forces.

As reported by the Daily Mirror newspaper, the psychic claimed that something “major” is brewing with alien “test” systems and that many UFOs have been seen near nuclear power plants. On Wednesday, the United States saw more than 10,000 flights canceled or delayed due to a computer problem with a corrupt database file, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. They dismissed speculation that it was caused by a cyber attack, but Geller believes it was a deliberate attack and not by humans. Also, in the video he posted on his Twitter account, he displays what appears to be a flying saucer in the sky and claims that UFO sightings are on the rise near nuclear facilities.

“Is it true, is it false? Never mind, this just came out… all flights grounded after a major system failure wreaked havoc on US travel,” says Geller. “I mean, a few months ago we had internet down, WhatsApp down. I have no doubt that aliens are testing our sophisticated, so-called sophisticated systems…. This is important, many UFOs have been seen on nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines, etc., they are doing something, they are testing us.

The British-Israeli psychic further claims that it all started in the 1940s, near the atomic bomb development sites and that they are now hunting down nuclear aircraft carrier strike groups.

“It started in the 1940s, near the atomic bomb development sites,” the psychic continues. “More recently, something has gone against nuclear carrier strike groups. The Pentagon says we don’t know what these UFOs are.”

er Geller all this belongs to a strategy. Early last year the psychic, who collaborated with the CIA, warned NASA to prepare for an imminent alien invasion. He revealed that the “arrival” will happen anytime after scientists discover a huge energy source 4,000 light-years away.

“A team mapping radio waves in the universe has discovered something unusual that releases a giant blast of energy three times an hour and is unlike anything astronomers have ever seen before,” Geller announced on Instagram. “I have no doubt that this is related to extraterrestrial intelligence far superior to our own. Start deciphering their messages! We are preparing for a mass landing soon!

The truth is that the last thing we need right now is peace and an exemplary alien manifestation.

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