Tiny Alien Corpse Found In Bolivia After A Strange Green UFO And Creatures Were Spotted By Residents

This story could be mistaken for an April Fool’s joke and safely ignored on this basis, but everything happened a few days ago, at the end of March, and so far no one has admitted that it was just a joke.

It all started with the fact that a few days ago in the town of Huarina, La Paz province, in Bolivia, several people at once said that they had seen a UFO in the sky, shining with green light. Then reports began to come in from the same area that people saw very small humanoid creatures, presumably aliens, who were “running around the village.”

And then photos and videos appeared on local social networks of a very small “Grey” alien, presumably dead, lying in the mud somewhere on the outskirts of the city. 

The creature looked too cartoonish and many immediately declared that it was just some kind of doll or paper-mâché craft. However, those who filmed it claimed that it was real

Many local newspapers and social media groups circulated these photos, but when it came to removing the calf for examination, it was stated that the “alien corpse” had suddenly disappeared somewhere.

By the way, the village of Huarina, where UFOs and little people were seen running, is located in the high Andes region near Lake Titicaca. This is the highest navigable lake in the world and UFOs have been regularly seen there for many years.

“Residents indicate that a few days before the discovery of the body, they saw lights in the sky and small shadows on the streets. Farmers were alarmed to find the remains of this strange creature in their city. The strangest thing is that the “alien” soon disappeared! social networks.

One eyewitness named Rita Marquez claims that her neighbors personally saw the UFO landing and also watched tiny aliens get out of the ship and run around the village.

None of the eyewitnesses indicated how tall the little men were, everyone only described them as tiny, small or miniature.

“They were miniature creatures, like those little people who are children,” said Marquez.

Some even compared them with goblins, but this also does not help the matter, since goblins in fairy tales and legends have different sizes, from the size of a palm to the height of an average person.

Green UFO filmed over Huarina a couple of days before the appearance of the alien corpse
Bolivian ufologist Juan Carlos Aliaga told local media that he was also sent a photo of a dead alien and that “the locals know all about it” so he’s going to look into the matter carefully.

It is stated that at some point the hype about UFOs and aliens in the city became so strong that the local authorities intervened, asking the villagers “not to talk too much about the alleged visit of aliens.”

It was also reported that someone from the regional tourist office visited Juarina on a “fact-finding mission” and promised that more investigations would be carried out into the alleged aliens.

Video report of the Spanish-language TV channel Telemundo about this strange incident

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