Neither Earth, nor the Solar System, nor even the Milky Way is unique to the Universe, which was once home to at least two trillion galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars and even more planets.

Knowledge of these facts leads to a completely logical conclusion: life must be widespread in the universe. Somewhere there must be highly developed civilizations that humanity can come into contact with.

Why haven’t we found “brothers in mind” yet? There can be many answers to this question, but today we will consider such an option as catastrophic climate change.

First, we know from experience that progress and an ever-increasing population lead to “overheating the planet”;

Second, looking at Mars, we know that the once hot and humid world can turn into a lifeless desert during uncontrolled processes such as, for example, the fall of a large meteorite.

Thus, if we exclude natural processes, as in the case of Mars, the option remains of human influence on the planet’s climate.

Recent studies suggest that we are past the point of no return, which means that the situation will get worse and worse, which in the future could lead to the collapse of civilization.

If we stop burning fossil fuels (oil, gas) now, it will take centuries to eliminate the consequences of climate change. In other words, we messed up so badly that it became very difficult to clean up after ourselves.

Perhaps we have not found traces of the activities of highly developed aliens because they disappeared a long time ago as a species, unable to cope with climate change on their planets.

Global warming is an inevitable side effect of any progress, as it is impossible to make the direct leap from primitive tools to renewable energy and electric vehicles. Absolutely any developed civilization is doomed to face serious climatic problems.

It is likely that in the Universe there were a huge number of progressive civilizations that arose long before humanity, which faced irreparable climate change and simply disappeared.

This, incidentally, may be one of the solutions to the Fermi paradox – the absence of visible traces of the activities of highly developed aliens.

Humanity, being a (relatively) fairly young intelligent species, has already reached the point where each new day becomes darker than the last. Therefore, it is possible that highly evolved aliens could simply run ahead of us in self-destruction.

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