Residents Record ‘INVASION’ Of UFOs In The Interior Of Pará: ‘We Are Afraid’; Watch The Videos

The images were posted on Twitter and soon gained the internet. In the video it is possible to observe the objects emitting a kind of smoke along the path and following between the clouds.




Ufologist Frederico Morsch commented on the three videos. “The first object in the first video looks a lot like a satellite because of the way it moves. A reflex effect can be observed, mainly due to the constant speed and straight steering pattern.”

Morsch further analyzed the more intriguing nature of the others. “The second is the most intriguing. Very strange, I couldn’t say exactly what it would be, I would need a bigger research, taking into account the conditions and the location of the recording. The objects are also very low,” he said.

“In the third video, also very intriguing, the object makes a movement that is not a satellite”, added the expert.

UFO cases have already been officially investigated in the municipality of Colares, in northeastern Pará, during Operation Prato, in 1977, which also scared the residents of Cametá due to the similarity of the objects in the sky.

Operation Board

During 1977, on the island of Colares, in Pará, mysterious lights appeared that supposedly penetrated people’s skin and left marks of first-degree burns.

To resolve the situation, at the time, the 2nd Section of COMAR (Regional Air Command) of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) in Pará, sent military personnel to investigate the sightings, which became known as Operation Prato.

During the operation, which lasted four months, military personnel allegedly reported experiences and sightings of these objects. From 1981, the head of the operation, Captain Uyrangê Hollanda, decided to tell everything he witnessed during his stay in Colares.

Image from the official bulletin of Operation Plate – Photo: National Archive/Reproduction/ND

After years of requests from Brazilian ufologists, the FAB allowed access to the dossier and the photos taken by the military during the operation. Today it is possible to find the archives by the code “BR DFANBSB ARX” in the AN (National Archive).


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